Dawes House in Evanston, IL is an example of geothermal heating and cooliing in a historic building.

After much careful planning--and moving fragile artifacts out of harm's way--a geothermal wellfield was drilled into the lawn of this historic three-story mansion. Prior to the geothermal system, the building had no air conditioning and was in dire need of humidity control. Of paramount importance in the redesign was Increasing visitor comfort, as well as protecting the museum's collection of antiques and documents .

As part of the renovation of this former factory, an adjacent building was slated to be torn down and replaced by a stairway tower to be attached to the main structure. The new design took advantage of the vacant lot created after the building next door was demolished, and a geothermal well field was drilled there before the new tower was erected. The geothermal system now distributes tempered air to each tenant.

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