Glessner House Says “I Do” To Deep Hole Drilling

On December 9, Phase I of the geothermal drilling began in the Glessner House courtyard. The 4,700-square-foot grass courtyard is enclosed by three sides of the building plus an ivy-covered brick wall to the south. This is the same courtyard where weddings are held during the summer, the same courtyard that the Glessners once looked out on from their parlor 100 years ago, the courtyard that was paved over in the 1940’s for use as parking when the house became a printing research facility, and the courtyard that was lovingly restored in 2000 back to Glessner-era conditions. Phase I of the project will provide geothermal heating and cooling to part of the building’s first floor. The first morn

Goose Island Factory Gets Green Rehab

The colorful history of the 42,700-square-foot building at 1071 W. Division Street in Chicago begins in 1905, when the Horween Leather Company tannery moved in and started making razor strops (sharpeners) out of horse hide. In 1927, the Burhop Paper Company took over the building, churning out tons of boxes and paper, and endless rolls of twine. In its heyday, it anchored a bustling complex in the heart of the industrial area known as Goose Island. There Burhop workers would manufacture and store packaging supplies, load them onto freight trains that pulled up just south of the factory, and ship them out to waiting customers. This four-story brick structure was built to last. In fact, during

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