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Glessner House to Go Geothermal

The Glessner House on Prairie Avenue in Chicago may seem, in our eyes, old or old-fashioned, but compared to neighboring mansions of the same period, it was–and still is–a standout. Radically different. Avant-garde. A very decided departure from the conventional. This is how the building, which is now a museum, has been described. Throughout the years, visitors have remarked upon the contrast between the unadorned, expansive, fortresslike exterior and the elegant yet cozy, comfortably furnished family rooms inside. Today the landmark Glessner House, built in the late 19th century, is still ahead of its time, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. Plans are on the drawing board for a geothermal system to be installed in fall 2015, featuring a set of deep wells that will be drilled in the courtyard just south of the building. Historecycle will be tracking the progress of the geothermal installation over the next few months. Stay tuned.


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